The start of month two at Rise Up Personal Training has been awesome. I am always proud of myself for working through three semi-private session, but I’m extra proud that I made it to an Elevation Group training on Thanksgiving!!!! Having the ability to move, to lift, to breathe, to feel my heart rate accelerate, to be working on goals and with others, definitely leaves you with an extra grateful heart.

My biggest victories these past two weeks have been non-scale victories. This week, being a holiday week, gave me extra opportunities for social gathering and family time. I think that your health is a four-fold opportunity to grow healthy inside out. Mental, physical, spiritual and social health are equally important. I had the opportunity to see family, catch up with old friends, intertwine the new with the old friends, eat, drink, laugh and cry. Minus the food and I’ve just described an Elevation Group session.

Group sessions are amazing amounts of fun and torture. (Did I mention that I might be a Masochist?) I also burn about 100 calories more in group than I do in semi-private sessions. The exercises in each session are familiar, but different styling, timing, reps, sets, and weight. Exercise in general can be more effective with efficiency over frequency. I definitely felt very effective in my movements as a result of the semi-private training I had the four weeks prior. I would like to continue to create a balance between the two different styles.

Training before Thanksgiving dinner was the best idea. First off, I had no desire to stuff myself to the point of discomfort. There was also no guilt associated with having some Perfectly Pumpkin Pie. It was a beautiful mind trick. I feel renewed, restored, and ready to take on my training sessions this week. You are going to be hearing more about the Elevation Group sessions from me, in the future weeks.

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