Being a mom is a very humbling position, making the role of “Supermom” seem down right impossible some days. This past month I have struggled with making plans, and being thrown a completely different agenda by life. Thank you life, for keeping things interesting, keeping me humble, and showing me that I’m always stronger than I think I am.

I have had to miss, reschedule and adapt my workouts according to what life has thrown at me the past few weeks. We’ve had the reoccurring “100 day cough” at home, stomach bug at the gym, I was relocating my practice, dealing with ugly things like terminal illness and divorce. Not to mention the holidays being lumped in there too. You name it, it was on my plate. A very full, heavy, emotionally and physically draining plate.

So, what I like to do is start a new plate with all the positive things. The new plate is loaded with, self-care, healthy eating, exercise, family and friends. It’s appreciating that we know what well is when we aren’t sick, that we have work, that my five year old is okay with mommy and daddy not having all the answers to life’s upsets, that my baby boy likes extra snuggles anytime of day. At the top of my plate, my trainer and workout companions at Rise Up Personal Training. Their encouragement and swift kicks in the a$$ help me maintain a perpetual balance between the two “plates”.

I tentatively schedule five days a week at Rise Up Personal Training in hopes that I make it to a minimum of three days. I try to prepare healthy meals in advance so I don’t end up eating a brownie sundae for dinner. (It only happened once.) I confess my short comings to my trainer, and he tells me I’m a horrible sinner, and I will pay for my mistakes at my next workout. I’m pretty sure he is joking, but I definitely pay for it by hitting 100% on my MYZONE fitness tracker. I am also walking away from each workout with much more of a social experience than I anticipated. My workout buddy sends me pictures of her amazingly healthy foods, and death threats to get me to each session. All in good fun of course.

As “easy” as it would be to take a few things off my plate, like meal prep and exercise. That would cause a huge imbalance sending everything in a downward spiral. I can’t imagine the effect of the level of illness we’ve encountered this season, on unhealthy people. We take care of our health and recovery has been pretty brutal. Those that disregard their health have to be on deaths door with this “plague” that has been going around. I’ve posted facts about positive effects of exercise in my past blogs. It has been proven that an hour a day of exercise is as effective as leading anti-depressants.(I am not suggesting anyone go off of prescribed medication.) Something for those of you with the winter blues to think about. If you are feeling overwhelmed, exercise should never be removed from your plate.

For me, it’s the heavy plate that motivates me. It’s the uncomfortable things in life that I learn from. Sometimes I get sick so I can slow down. In the weakest moments I find my strength. When I feel alone I find God. When I look at my kids I find motivation and heart. When I wake up, every single day is a fresh opportunity to go confidently in the direction of my goals! So, let life humble you, but don’t let it keep you down. Dig in deep and continue to grow Healthy Inside Out.


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