If you have not read the entire 90 day journey of “Mom to Supermom” I suggest catching yourself up to speed. Click on the links below to discover how Rise Up Personal Training transformed my life.
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Three months ago when I walked into Rise Up Personal Training, right away I could tell that Matt Clarke was a different type of trainer. As you may recall, he didn’t weight me, or take measurements or calculate my BMI. He simply asked me what my goals were, a few questions on my medical and physical history, and started to test my strength, agility, and balance. If you recall, my number one focus was to improve my posture and core strength. While my “vanity” goals were all lumped between my belly button and my knees.

I want to focus on the results of non-vain goals. My posture and core strength. Of course, when those words came out of my mouth I was simply looking at this as a physical goal. I didn’t anticipate that my posture would be more erect due to confidence, and self empowerment. I didn’t anticipate that treating myself well would cause me to carry my head higher with my chin up, or that my inner fears would start to slink away. That conquering battle ropes, and hitting 100% on my MYZONE tracker would possibly put a tiny little “chip” on my shoulder. Supermoms don’t mope through super market isles and school activities. They stand tall. They stand proud, and they get $h!+ done!

My core strength took on a completely different meaning as well. Anyone that has had three babies knows your core needs improvement. Sure my abs are stronger after 90 days of hard work. (I LOVE planks!!! Crazy, right?) My midsection is flatter, tighter and definitely the power house of my body. Here is what I wasn’t planning on walking away from this challenge with. Core strength in new friends, in supportive death threats from training mates, a message from the trainer saying, “Hey, we missed you today. What can I do to help you not miss your sessions.” My “core” support from training was even trying to help me find a babysitter. What kind of people do that? Someone that really misses you when you can’t train. Someone that cares if you show up. Someone that loves to watch you face plant when you do box jumps. Someone that loves that you are equally as miserable as them while pushing your limits on TRX. A small fan club rooting for you, that’s who. My training buddies, my “core” support, my tribe.

Why didn’t I anticipate all these additional “gains”? I believe your health is a four-fold opportunity to grow healthy inside out. Social, mental, physical and spiritual. I was so intensely focused on the physical goals and challenges that I wasn’t fully aware of all the other transformations transpiring. In the course of 90 days, life has thrown me some curve balls! Major curve balls! I believe that this new found “posture” and “core strength” has helped me stand a little taller and most definitely stronger through it all. I’m happier, healthier, more organized, more intent with everything I do, guilt and anxiety have been set up on a shelf. I’m getting more “bang for my buck” out of my nutrition and my workouts. Who has time not to?

While this 90 day Supermom challenge comes to an end, I’m still grazing the begin of the year I’ve committed to Rise Up Personal Training. I have lost 11 pounds and 10 inches in 90 days, (10/21/16-01/21/17 3x per week). My butt is lifted, I’m starting to see biceps, my tummy is flatter, skin is smoother, yet I still have curves for days. (I think women should have curves.) I’m stronger in every way possible, but still have goals to reach. I have set them in 3 month phases. You will get another update at 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months. My “mom bod” is becoming a thing of the past. Below are my progress pictures. I still have a ways to go, but think it’s important to be proud of yourself every step of the way. Plus, there are still 5 months until bathing suit season.

A superhero sized thank you to Matt Clarke and the Rise Up Personal Training family. This challenge helped me to reclaim Kristen the person, the therapist, the mom, and put more a$$ kicking mojo behind this Supermom. As always, I’d love to hear about your mom to Supermom journey.


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