Did you know that people who exercise have more grey matter in their central nervous system? Particularly in the parts responsible for coordination and motor control. Basically, your brain is more deeply connected to your body. Have you ever heard that exercise is one of the best antidotes for fatigue? A University of Georgia study shows that regular low-intensity exercise can decrease fatigue by 65%. Exercising literally creates energy in your body. What about sleep? Exercise can effect your body clock, also known as the circadian rhythm. The effects could be due to weight loss benefits if you have sleep apnea, hormonal balance if you suffer from insomnia, or something as simple as body temperature changes. Whatever the effect, sleep is essential for a healthy lifestyle.

As I approach the end of my first month of training at Rise Up Personal Training I am embracing non-scale victories. Victories like improved brain function, increased energy, improved sleeping patterns, and perhaps most important, not really minding what the scale says. According to my scale, my body fat percentage says I’m obese. Luckily I can get off the scale and notice my butt looks “lifted” in my jeans, remember I’m seeing more “red zone” in my fitness tracker, feel proud that I’m burning 400-500 calories a session, and not let myself believe the lies that my scale tries to tell me. Far too many of us hold our value in the numbers on a scale. It’s pretty ridiculous if you ask me. They are just numbers.

For the hour that I’m in a personal training session I don’t think about anything other than what I’m doing in the moment. I’m breathing, counting, or pretty close to my heart exploding. The second I get in my car to head home, the flood gates of thought open. However, I’m noticing my thoughts are much more organized. They aren’t thoughts of stress, but thoughts of order. By the time I return home I have an agenda and the energy to carry it out. I literally walk into chaos of pets, kids, breakfast, snack and diaper bag packing, and my husband trying to explain to my daughter that there is more than one way to make toast, while she argues that there is only one way. Her way! Which changes daily. One short month ago, I would have seriously considered turning myself around and heading back to the garage. Today, the “Supermom” in me jumps in and helps my husband button things up, before the four of us head in different directions.

Overall, I’m feeling really great. Inside and out. I even won a cornhole burpee challenge at my last session. Once again, I’m challenged often by vertigo and have difficulty with the positional changes of burpees. Matt Clarke quickly modified the exercise for me. Each session continues to push me to my ever growing limits and over come mental blocks. What have you done for yourself lately? As always, I’d love to hear your Supermom stories. Feel free to contact me.

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