How do you go from Mom to Supermom in 90 days? The answer? “Rise Up”! Bright and early, on Monday morning, I walked into Rise Up Personal Training for a FREE first assessment. It is the only fitness assessment I have ever had that actually tested my fitness level not my fat content. The trainer Matt Clarke, didn’t pinch my fat, make me get on a scale, or take any measurements. Matt knows that you are already aware of how many extra pounds you might have hanging around, or how tightly your clothes might be fitting. His objective is to see your current stance, strength, and stability, to create a customized workout for your body, to reach your goals, and keep your body running at peak performance.

As for goals, I have a few. My over all functional goal is to gain better posture and core strength. If we have poor posture and body mechanics (totally guilty), at work, at home, within our hobbies, its going to cause a negative ripple effect in our health, with a high rate of injury or tweaked muscles. This then results in how effectively we run the rest of our day. As a mom and caretaker, you HAVE to take care of yourself before you can effectively care for anyone else. It’s not selfish to care for yourself. It’s self-care! There is a difference! Think about how many tasks you complete in a day for others. Now, imagine taking an hour to yourself….that’s 4% of the day….just for you. It doesn’t look selfish when you do the math on paper. Does it?

Now, on to my shallow goal. My shallow goal is the region between my belly button to my knees. I’ve had three kids, the latest being a c-section 6 months ago. I’ve put on 20 pounds of “mom weight” not “baby weight”. That means I put weight on after the baby was born. EEK! I’m three pant sizes up, and lets not even talk about the monstrosity of my boobs. I have a vision of myself at 23 years old, running 3.5 miles a day, eating unbelievably clean, and feeling on top of the world. 35 years old does not feel the same currently, but I know it will. Oops, I’m still 34 years old. See?!?! It’s not as easy to bounce back in my 30’s as it was in my 20’s. I need help! I need tailored help to reach both my functional and shallow goals.

I’m giving myself permission to have not only what I want, but what I need, and what my family needs. They need a mom, wife, daughter, sister, with more energy, stamina, strength, empowerment, and laughter. They need someone that values her honor and her worth. Matt, at Rise Up, seems to enjoy the challenge of transforming me from Mom to Supermom over the next 90 days.

Follow my journey of transformation over the next 90 days. It’s not going to be easy, but nothing worth having is handed to you. You have to earn it! I hope my transformation inspires other moms to “Rise Up” and take care of themselves. It’s self-care, not selfish!!! Though Matt doesn’t assess progress with numbers (which I love) I will be posting progress by numbers as well as pictures. Obviously, a huge mental and emotional transformation will take place as well. I can’t wait to share the positive ripple effect this will have in my life, as well as my family’s life, with all of you.

Did I mention that Rise Up not only offers a FREE first assessment, but a free week of training sessions? After noticing that Rise Up’s methods were different at the first assessment, I continued with the free week trial. As I sit here typing, I have an awareness of every muscle in my body. Everything hurts on a hedonic level. I can’t even fathom 90 days of progress. I’m beyond excited for this journey. For more information on Rise Up Personal training click here.

Things Your Favorite Supermom Might Need

Head Band



Water Bottle