Cooking With O

Join O and her family in their allergy friendly kitchen!


This is Olivia, aka “O”. She is four years old and challenges a wheat and dairy allergy, head on. One of her favorite places to be is in the kitchen whipping up allergy friendly foods the entire family can enjoy. Her golden rule, “On rainy days we bake!” and it rained for 18 days straight in Maryland this spring. Hope you all have a sweet tooth. Stay tuned for continued recipes from “Cooking With O”, sweet and savory.

Aldi Muffin Mixes

If it's one thing everyone loves, it's convenience. Well, O and I absolutely adore the simplicity of Aldi Gluten Free Muffin mixes. We add Enjoy Life Mini Chips to their Banana Muffin Mix and substitute [...]

Cacao Crispy Treats

Cacao Crispy Treats (gluten free, dairy free, vegan) Ingredients: 3 TBSP Earth Balance Butter substitute 1 package Marshmallows 1 box gluten free cacao crisp cereal 1/4 cup Enjoy Life Chocolate mini Chips Directions: In large [...]

DIY Dairy Free Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

As a child, one of my fondest memories was our after dinner walks into town to the local ice cream parlor. I would get a single scoop of apricot ice cream on a waffle cone. [...]